My Gifts Come From God. You’re Gifts Must Come From Hell.

       My Gifts Come From God. You’re Gifts Must Come From Hell.

     Got your attention didn’t I? “your gifts come from God” This is what psychics, tarot readers and mediums are told over and over again. “You’re abilities were given to you by God so you should not be charging.” We are always asked it seems, “Why do you charge?” It happens so often that I decided to write this article.

     Telling people for years that I have bills to pay just like everyone else is starting to get old. I mean really, does that have to be explained to people? Do people think that psychics live outdoors in some tent or something without any modern day utilities and comforts? Do we live like they do on “Survivor” by eating bugs or nothing at all? How do they think I am online doing readings? Is my computer and internet free? Well my abilities do come from God however, He does not pay my bills. I decided that something different needed to be said in response to those wondering how dare psychics charge.

       My latest response to this is “That must mean your gift came from hell.” That gets the attention of people. They hear this, stop, stare, and try to figure out what it is I just said and why I would even say such a thing. Every single person has a talent and special ability and I don’t just mean the famous and professional sports players. I mean everyone has an ability and talent, every job that each person has is an ability. Not everyone can cook, not everyone can waitress, not everyone can teach, not everyone can clean, not everyone can do accounting and the list goes on, but I think you get my point. No matter what you’re career is, you get paid. No matter what your job is someone pays you for it. So yes, my gifts and abilities came from God, so everyone else’s must have come from hell.

        When I have asked why I shouldn’t charge the most common reply is, “Psychic’s are given their gifts to help people.” Well isn’t any job or career that anyone has helping someone in some form? The reason I have an accountant (it is tax time and I pay him) is because I don’t know how to do taxes and I need help. Every job out there is helping someone, yet nobody complains about being charged for the service. I have been told because it’s helping people with their spiritual development and to grow spiritually. Yes it is but priests, pastors and rabbis also do that and they get paid.

So don’t be shocked if you ever hear me say ” Yes my gift comes from God and yours must come from hell

Ten of Swords and Whitney Houston

                                                        Card of the Day for 2/19/12

                                                           (Whitney Houston’s Burial)

      It’s been a while since I pulled a card of the day to post on twitter and facebook. For some reason this morning while doing other things I was filled with an urge to pull one. The card that I pulled after shuffling was the Ten of Swords. This card from the Rider Waite deck depicts a man on the ground with 10 swords piercing his back. A very unpleasant card to look at especially if you are someone new to tarot and not aware of the pleasantness that also goes along with it. This card is about endings that are painful in some way or another. Either it is some sort of ending that was forced upon you or an ending that you chose. We are dealing with the air element so you will be going through some mental turmoil knowing that “it’s over”.

      As I was typing out on facebook a brief blurb I realized today is the day Whitney Houston is buried. Amazing that the card of the day for Whitney Houston’s burial is the Ten of Swords. More amazing is that I did not decide to do a card of the day for her burial, I didn’t even give any thought of what today was when I pulled it. How ironic that out of 78 shuffled cards I randomly pull this one today. I have not even done a card of the day for 6 months to a year. Why the urge to do it today?

     This card applies to Whitney in so many ways and not just because of the depiction on the card. This card symbolizes the pain that Whitney felt during her personal struggles. It symbolizes not only the end of her life but the end of her struggles and suffering. It symbolizes the pain and suffering her family and friends are going through, especially her mother and daughter.

      So what’s so positive about this card that depicts the pain and suffering so many are going through? Well, for Whitney Houston she will be put in her final resting place for her “going home”. For her family and friends, they have been through what I can only imagine as being the worst ordeal of their life. Once today has ended and Whitney has been buried the worse will be over. I’m not saying the pain that Bobbi Kristina is feeling will come to a complete stop. I am not saying Cissy will stop suffering the horrible pain of losing a child. The pain lessens a bit though oever time.  Once today is over and Whitney Houston is finally resting everyone can start the slow process of healing and dulling the unimaginable current pain they are all going through.

The Ten of Swords today is symbolizing:

Whitney Houston “going home”

Whitney Houston dies at age 48


That’s what I saw pop up on my facebook wall over and over again when these emotions first started. First thoughts were “here we go again with rumors. This time it’s Whitney they are picking on”

Then in just a matter of minutes realized sadly, this was not just a horrible made up rumor, it’s real. From that point on I have been overwhelmed with such unexplainable sadness. I grew up with her and even have an album or two or 45’s (forget which) somewhere. Problem is I grew up with Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett too and although I felt a sadness with them and many others before them this was different. This IS different, bursting out into tears and this off feeling that is undescribable, as if she were my very own close family member. Why? I hadn’t gotten lots of sleep the night before, so maybe I’m just really tired. Maybe it’s the fact that she is not all that much older then I. Maybe it’s the fact that she “had it all” but was not happy. She had fame, she had glory, money, the world was her’s and yet she had her own hell and demons she lived with. Can’t be that because that is the sad story of so many celebrities that passed before her. A combination of all those things could be the cause of it as well. Strangest of all is the feeling that she did not yet cross over. As if she is floating around and looking down at it all wondering WTF. I know what, I will go to sleep and feel better in the morning.

Well it is the morning after and I did sleep so I should be feeling better.. Nope, not at all, and there’s the posts and comments continuing from others: ” Whitney got what she deserved.” “Feel for the family not her.” “Drugs finally caught up to her”, and on it goes. I try my best to ignore it, but make note at the same time of who has said it. I found it shocking to see it by certain people and others really not surprised in the least.

What am I feeling this morning? Well, still this overwhelming sadness, but now it’s mixed with other emotions. Anger at the amount of people so easily, quickly and willingly to go point fingers. Sadness at a different level to realize there are so many people that discriminate in that way. Has the world gone so cold hearted that there is no compassion for anyone? Are we so closed minded that because we don’t have someone else’s issues we can’t find sympathy. Is each of our lives so damn rose colored perfect that we can make judgements? What makes it worse is when people that are in the field of helping others and they are also doing it. What the hell has this world come to? Why are the negatives about someone so easily acknowledged? Why is the human race so quick to find faults? Are we that quick to offer help? Even if all the help is nothing more then a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen?

What about the angelic voice she had? What about the entertaining she did? Can’t we start praising instead of judging? Can’t we start helping instead of walking away or turning our backs? Can’t we have some compassion instead of being cold hearted and uncaring?

Whitney was a beautiful person with the voice of an angel. I hope she is now finding her peace.  For the family I offer my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you Ms. Houston for your voice and talent. May you finally have found peace.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Caveat Emptor

                                                                     Caveat Emptor

Which psychic should I use? How do I know if they are legit? These are some questions you may find yourself asking when you are looking for a reading, especially if you are looking on the online sites that have hundreds if not thousands of them to pick from. It can become overwhelming especially when you are not aware of different things to look for or have not been recommended to one by a friend.

The first thing you may do is go to the price range you are able to afford which will help narrow it down. You then might have a preference and be more comfortable with a certain sex reader, that will also help lower the list of choices. The next thing you may do is look to see who has the most ratings, comments/feedbacks or the highest rank percentage. Those things would tell you who the best ones are after all right? Wrong, that rule of thumb would work if we lived in a perfect world, but this is life and we don’t. And now you are scratching your head wondering why wouldn’t the highest ranked or most comments not mean they are the best. Let me explain for you so you get a better understanding of how it works and also what to look for. Remember things are not always as they appear and unfortunately this business is no exception. Let me clarify that I know of all this firsthand because not only do I have my own website and do parties and events I also work on some of these sites as well. So I am able to write about this truthfully and honestly as I see what goes on firsthand.

As with everything in life cheapest is not always the worst and expensive is not always the best but we all have a budget that stipulates the price range and amount we can spend on anything. No matter what price range you are in there are tips to identify some of the scammers and con artists in this business. Unfortunately there are a lot of those and you know I am all about ethics and helping people to not get scammed.

Let’s start with the comments/ratings and reviews since most of the information about this can be found there just by taking a little extra time to investigate. Let’s say you are looking for a male reader to get that male perspective of a relationship. You go through the experts that are available and a few attract your attention. Are they really male? Believe it or not there are a lot of readers out there that have switched from being a male to a female to a male and vice versa. Looking at older comments that have been left by other clients will let you know if the reader you are considering giving your money to has always been who they say they are. You will see that the “male” reader you are considering has old comments saying she was wonderful etc. Ok could be a typo you are thinking to yourself and yes that could be true in some cases. If you keep randomly checking comments and you see that they say she more then that one time it is NOT a typo. You also see some comments where the readers name is mentioned even if there has been no change of sex. Does the past name in the comments match the expert’s current name or are they being called Ralph when they are presently being called Larry or maybe even Loretta? Does the name remain the same throughout the history of comments? Are they being addressed as Ralph in the older ones and Ralph on the current comments left?

While going through the feedback and comments that have been left you will find a lot more out as well. Are there remarks that mention wanted to sell me spells or curse removals or any type of additional service?

(For information regarding those types of things read my article “Are You Being Scammed? Found on my website).

Seeing the same client leaving reviews over and over again is a sign of what we experts call “padding” in order to raise up in the ranks. This would not just increase the amount of ratings they have but also their ranking percentage. Believe it or not there are some out there with page after page of comments that are only from one client. Having a few back to back from the same client however is not alarming as clients tend to wait and rate multiple sessions at the same time.

Really looking at comments current and from long ago reveals a lot about the reader you are considering. It pays to spend some extra time being your own investigator when deciding not only who you are turning your money over too but who you are trusting. Keep mind as well that some sites charge the readers for placement, so the highest ranked may very well be there because they bought that spot. One last final tip with this and anything else in life: if it feels off in any way, shape or form listen to that and stay away.

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I have been contacted by 2 big tarot publishing companies, I don’t think I have to name them, you know who they are..

Anyway, being that I am the voice for the TCBA as Executive Director, and host this radio show, two birds with one stone so to speak.

I have been asked for Tarot Books and Decks that are soon to be released or newly released to do up reviews on them. The reviews will go into the TCBA monthly newsletter, I will post them here and on all my blogs, sites etc. The author/designer will then have the opportunity to guest on an upcoming show.

Keep checking back for this and my future shows. I am filled up until July already with guests.


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Also if any of you have any questions about anything from the show feel free and contact me. I would also love to hear from you any ideas you would like for me to have/discuss in the future.


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