Dreaming Way Tarot Deck Review

Dreaming Way Tarot Deck Review by Misha

       The newest deck from U.S. Games is Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi. My initial impression was that this was an Irish theme deck from The Fool dressed in mostly green and the pastel green background of the box. I found myself surprisingly drawn to it, even though green is the color I most dislike. The design on the back of the cards does nothing for me however. The back is not the pretty pastel but instead is a dark green with a bit of odd design to it. The deck itself follows the Rider Waite tradition and has a young feel to it. I see this deck being a deck to use for the young clients and used by lots of younger readers.

     Going through this deck I felt a sense of confusion, are the images suppose to be dreams? Are the images sleepwalking? What exactly is this deck about? Let’s get out the Little White Book and get some answers. The only answers that the lwb held was that Rome’s belief of the Majors is that reversals are not opposite of uprights. With this deck the majors in reverse are different degrees of the upright meanings.

      I found myself wondering with some of the cards if the characters portrayed were in fact sleepwalking; such as Strength, Hermit, Death, 2 of pentacles, page of wands, 8 of cups, and page of swords are just some examples. The facial expressions and the overall feel of a lot of the cards left me wondering if they are in a trance.

      There were other cards that have left me completely confused as to what they are trying to portray. Facial expression and feel of the cards do not match up what the lwb has to say. The Lovers and the Four of Wands made me wonder a lot of things and for me it was not matching up with what the lwb has to say. The Star is an example of what appears to me as a state of confusion by the woman dumping her pitchers. It’s as if she is just doing this action without any understanding of what is going on. The Ten of Cups shows to me a family at the end of the day exhausted and worn out, as opposed to being happy, peaceful and joyful as are some of the keywords from the lwb. Seeing The Page of Cups had the words to the song “I’m a little teacup” pop into my head; with her teapot tied to her head. I can’t even imagine why the cup is being filled from a tilted teapot tied to her head. Aren’t the flying fish portrayed enough of a distraction?

      Going through this deck multiple times left me wondering if the creator just couldn’t quite decide on fairytale, dreamy, Irish or impish and so incorporated a little of all of it in this whimsical deck. I will have to work with this one and really see how it does with readings before determining if I will be using it or not. If there was some sort of explanation to things supplied in the lwb I feel this deck would be better understood as to why things are portrayed the way they are. Possibly the point of this deck is for each of us to get our own opinion of what is going on. It is titled Dreaming Way Tarot and dreams are always up for personal interpretation.

 Dreaming Way Tarot

By Rome Choi

Published by U.S. Games

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  1. I just found Your blog and I`m in love 🙂 Especially with Your tarot card decks reviews. My favourite for this day is Ghost and spirits deck. Thank You for what You`re doing.

  2. Wonderful review, I agree with your assumption about younger clients and readers. I myself am 21 and upon purchasing a new deck I found myself drawn to the imagery on the cards. From what I have read about this deck, it is very much up for the interpretation of the reader and I love how you drew on how its refered to as the Dreaming Way Tarot and that dreams are up for personal interpretation. That to me speaks wonders and shows another bond between me and the deck as i love interpreting dreams. I suppose as I have only recently purchased it, I will see how it all goes from here.

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