My Gifts Come From God. You’re Gifts Must Come From Hell.

       My Gifts Come From God. You’re Gifts Must Come From Hell.

     Got your attention didn’t I? “your gifts come from God” This is what psychics, tarot readers and mediums are told over and over again. “You’re abilities were given to you by God so you should not be charging.” We are always asked it seems, “Why do you charge?” It happens so often that I decided to write this article.

     Telling people for years that I have bills to pay just like everyone else is starting to get old. I mean really, does that have to be explained to people? Do people think that psychics live outdoors in some tent or something without any modern day utilities and comforts? Do we live like they do on “Survivor” by eating bugs or nothing at all? How do they think I am online doing readings? Is my computer and internet free? Well my abilities do come from God however, He does not pay my bills. I decided that something different needed to be said in response to those wondering how dare psychics charge.

       My latest response to this is “That must mean your gift came from hell.” That gets the attention of people. They hear this, stop, stare, and try to figure out what it is I just said and why I would even say such a thing. Every single person has a talent and special ability and I don’t just mean the famous and professional sports players. I mean everyone has an ability and talent, every job that each person has is an ability. Not everyone can cook, not everyone can waitress, not everyone can teach, not everyone can clean, not everyone can do accounting and the list goes on, but I think you get my point. No matter what you’re career is, you get paid. No matter what your job is someone pays you for it. So yes, my gifts and abilities came from God, so everyone else’s must have come from hell.

        When I have asked why I shouldn’t charge the most common reply is, “Psychic’s are given their gifts to help people.” Well isn’t any job or career that anyone has helping someone in some form? The reason I have an accountant (it is tax time and I pay him) is because I don’t know how to do taxes and I need help. Every job out there is helping someone, yet nobody complains about being charged for the service. I have been told because it’s helping people with their spiritual development and to grow spiritually. Yes it is but priests, pastors and rabbis also do that and they get paid.

So don’t be shocked if you ever hear me say ” Yes my gift comes from God and yours must come from hell

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  1. Good point to address, Misha. I truly believe my gift is God given. All of our gifts are. The Divine made us and therefore, we are doing the work we were called to.

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