Whitney Houston dies at age 48


That’s what I saw pop up on my facebook wall over and over again when these emotions first started. First thoughts were “here we go again with rumors. This time it’s Whitney they are picking on”

Then in just a matter of minutes realized sadly, this was not just a horrible made up rumor, it’s real. From that point on I have been overwhelmed with such unexplainable sadness. I grew up with her and even have an album or two or 45’s (forget which) somewhere. Problem is I grew up with Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett too and although I felt a sadness with them and many others before them this was different. This IS different, bursting out into tears and this off feeling that is undescribable, as if she were my very own close family member. Why? I hadn’t gotten lots of sleep the night before, so maybe I’m just really tired. Maybe it’s the fact that she is not all that much older then I. Maybe it’s the fact that she “had it all” but was not happy. She had fame, she had glory, money, the world was her’s and yet she had her own hell and demons she lived with. Can’t be that because that is the sad story of so many celebrities that passed before her. A combination of all those things could be the cause of it as well. Strangest of all is the feeling that she did not yet cross over. As if she is floating around and looking down at it all wondering WTF. I know what, I will go to sleep and feel better in the morning.

Well it is the morning after and I did sleep so I should be feeling better.. Nope, not at all, and there’s the posts and comments continuing from others: ” Whitney got what she deserved.” “Feel for the family not her.” “Drugs finally caught up to her”, and on it goes. I try my best to ignore it, but make note at the same time of who has said it. I found it shocking to see it by certain people and others really not surprised in the least.

What am I feeling this morning? Well, still this overwhelming sadness, but now it’s mixed with other emotions. Anger at the amount of people so easily, quickly and willingly to go point fingers. Sadness at a different level to realize there are so many people that discriminate in that way. Has the world gone so cold hearted that there is no compassion for anyone? Are we so closed minded that because we don’t have someone else’s issues we can’t find sympathy. Is each of our lives so damn rose colored perfect that we can make judgements? What makes it worse is when people that are in the field of helping others and they are also doing it. What the hell has this world come to? Why are the negatives about someone so easily acknowledged? Why is the human race so quick to find faults? Are we that quick to offer help? Even if all the help is nothing more then a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen?

What about the angelic voice she had? What about the entertaining she did? Can’t we start praising instead of judging? Can’t we start helping instead of walking away or turning our backs? Can’t we have some compassion instead of being cold hearted and uncaring?

Whitney was a beautiful person with the voice of an angel. I hope she is now finding her peace.  For the family I offer my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you Ms. Houston for your voice and talent. May you finally have found peace.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

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