Ten of Swords and Whitney Houston

                                                        Card of the Day for 2/19/12

                                                           (Whitney Houston’s Burial)

      It’s been a while since I pulled a card of the day to post on twitter and facebook. For some reason this morning while doing other things I was filled with an urge to pull one. The card that I pulled after shuffling was the Ten of Swords. This card from the Rider Waite deck depicts a man on the ground with 10 swords piercing his back. A very unpleasant card to look at especially if you are someone new to tarot and not aware of the pleasantness that also goes along with it. This card is about endings that are painful in some way or another. Either it is some sort of ending that was forced upon you or an ending that you chose. We are dealing with the air element so you will be going through some mental turmoil knowing that “it’s over”.

      As I was typing out on facebook a brief blurb I realized today is the day Whitney Houston is buried. Amazing that the card of the day for Whitney Houston’s burial is the Ten of Swords. More amazing is that I did not decide to do a card of the day for her burial, I didn’t even give any thought of what today was when I pulled it. How ironic that out of 78 shuffled cards I randomly pull this one today. I have not even done a card of the day for 6 months to a year. Why the urge to do it today?

     This card applies to Whitney in so many ways and not just because of the depiction on the card. This card symbolizes the pain that Whitney felt during her personal struggles. It symbolizes not only the end of her life but the end of her struggles and suffering. It symbolizes the pain and suffering her family and friends are going through, especially her mother and daughter.

      So what’s so positive about this card that depicts the pain and suffering so many are going through? Well, for Whitney Houston she will be put in her final resting place for her “going home”. For her family and friends, they have been through what I can only imagine as being the worst ordeal of their life. Once today has ended and Whitney has been buried the worse will be over. I’m not saying the pain that Bobbi Kristina is feeling will come to a complete stop. I am not saying Cissy will stop suffering the horrible pain of losing a child. The pain lessens a bit though oever time.  Once today is over and Whitney Houston is finally resting everyone can start the slow process of healing and dulling the unimaginable current pain they are all going through.

The Ten of Swords today is symbolizing:

Whitney Houston “going home”

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  1. I really love Whitney Houston because she has a very unique voice and of course most of her songs were a hit on its heyday. ,,,:,

    Kind regards

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