Tarot For Beginners by Barbara Moore Review

Tarot For Beginners
By Barbara Moore
Review by: Misha

     There are some out there saying, “Another book about how to read tarot?” There are just so many out there, how different can this one be. Then there are those like myself that said, “ A book written by Barbara Moore, it’s about time, can’t wait to get it!” Well I have it and had it for awhile now but haven’t found the time to sit down and give it the attention it needed until now.

     Barbara has a way of writing that has the feeling she is right there in person talking to you. She also personalizes the book by telling about her own personal experiences. The book is simply written and easy to understand. I also like how Barbara makes it very clear throughout that there is not a wrong way to read tarot. From shuffling all the way through reading the cards the way it is done will vary from reader to reader and that is demonstrated throughout the book.

      The basic history of tarot is of course included, in the first chapter called Basics. Lots of information is covered in this short 28 page chapter, not just the history. Rituals and Journaling are just two other areas that Barbara touches on and she keeps it short, sweet but to the point.
     Chapter 2 The Card Meanings Barbara starts by explaining that even when learning the meanings of the cards there is no one way or one right way. Leaving the beginner free from fears of doing it wrong. Barbara has chosen to illustrate this by using three different decks; the Universal Waite Tarot, The Lagacy of the Divine Tarot and Shadowscapes. Each of these decks has its own unique portrayal of the cards. Some people may find this distracting, annoying and even confusing to follow and understand, myself included. However with “Tarot For Beginners” it is done eloquently and simply. Doing it this way also again demonstrates that each reader is different, each artist is different and that there is variety in the tarot. It is kept simplified by only having a few sentences about each card. Each card is given what is called its Core Meaning which is the general meaning for each card. It is then explained how it applies to the 3 completely different illustrated decks.

     Following the Card Meaning Chapter, Barbara continues with the chapters: Finding More Meaning, Adding Something Extra, Developing your Skills, Spreads and the final chapter Sample Readings. In these final chapters it is explained how to take the basic knowledge that you have learned and expand on it. It also shows how learning tarot is something that is always ongoing and no matter how long you do readings there is always something new to learn, see and experience. Tarot is an ongoing experiment and this is clearly stated in Barbara Moore’s last few sentences which state: “Shuffle your cards. Play with them. Do something differently. Do something new. Ask hard questions. Ask crazy questions. Be part of not only your own future but also the future of tarot.”

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