The Death Card

The Death Card in tarot has been turned into the card that everyone dreads getting. This is because Hollywood has used it time and again in murder movies and horror movies. The true meaning of The Death card has been lost and is feared by so many people that I decided to write about it. The Death Card does not mean the death of someone, or that someone is about to die. This is also one of the very things that I explain to clients before starting a reading. Some clients are aware of this fact already, most aren’t and are relieved.

All cards in Tarot can be negative or positive. It is no different then anything else in life. The word death is enough to make one think negatively about it. The illustrations for it shows the grim reaper, which adds to the fears people have of it.

So what is the true meaning of the Death card? In a word it is about endings. The card is about something finally coming to an end so that a new door can open. People looking at this card in fear overlook the happiness it is meant to be about. They do not notice that there is a white horse. For understanding the symbolism of that better think of the fairy tales we were told as children. The prince comes on his white horse and saves us. Prince Charming takes the princess away from the current situation. That is what the death card is all about. The situation you have been in that has been negative finally being over. Putting it to rest and moving forward and onward to new experiences.

So, is there times when it can actually mean a physical death? There are rare times when it does mean an actual death of someone. For my readings it has not been an upcoming death, but rather a death that has already occurred which is still affecting the client. Since it is still such an influence in the person’s life it comes out so that it can be addressed and they can be helped and healed. In this example it would be showing the cause of the persons current emotional feelings; as well as showing that working through the grief will bring a change and the ability to move ahead.

Always remember that it is not for any of us to know when someone is going to die. No reader is God, and only God knows when our time here on Earth is up. You also should NEVER be made afraid before, during or after a reading. If you are it is not a reader you want to continue with. It will end up in a scam like one I wrote about before. (see my article Are You Being Scammed?) Scare tactics to sell you healing, candles, cleansings etc. No reading should ever leave you afraid, and nobody can predict death.

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