How To Begin Giving Readings Publicly

A very common question when someone wants to start doing readings professionally. How do I start? There are many answers and ways in which to start out. Some depends on whether you have access to do the things where you are located. This will talk about some of the things that not many people think about doing when getting started.

One of the very first things you want to do is get a business card made. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just something to give out with some form of contact information on it. Give them to your friends and relatives who can pass them out to their friends. Businesses may have bulletin boards up where you can post them. A business card can be left almost anywhere you go. Inside books at the library or bookstore, at restaurants with the tip.

Know what you are going to charge. This is something that you have to decide before you do anything. You can’t wait until you have someone wanting a reading to decide. You need to know what you are going to sell (mini readings, 1/2hour etc) and how much you will charge.

Setting up at a flea market and charging a small fee is something lots of people don’t think of doing. People at flea markets are there to get bargains not spend lots of money on one thing. So short mini readings at a low cost can be done and people will take a break from shopping to have it done. The small fee, at times gets the curious people, those who have never had it done but always wondered about trying it out.

Start visiting your neighborhood shops, restaurants, cafes, coffeehouses, teashops, bookstores, holistic shops. Have your business cards with you and let them know what you do and maybe they would be interested in having a tarot night. Spiritual shops tend to keep readers available and allow you to do them at their store on a percentage fee arrangement. Some may even promote you once you are known by them. Not having any spiritual, new age type shops around I did not have this option available to me.

To expand your availability to others there are also plenty of options for that, the easiest is the internet. You can go to any of the online auction sites and sell readings. You can do them as phone readings, email readings, IM readings and see what ways you are and aren’t comfortable doing them. You can look at the many psychic sites that are available and sign up as an expert with one or more of them.

The options and opportunities available are endless. These are just some of the options that are overlooked and not thought of by so many. Opportunity is always there, keep your eyes open for them and be willing to try anything. We all started somewhere, someplace and so can you.

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