A Deck Review: The Unicorn Tarot

The Unicorn Tarot
Deck and Book Set
By Suzanne Star
Artwork by Liz Hilton

I have always loved and collected unicorns, so I had to have this deck for that reason. It was given to me for a birthday present and I couldn’t wait to open it up. How devastatingly disappointed I am with this deck. I waited to write a review for it and give the disappointment time to wear off, its not and it won’t.

This deck is dry, dull and gives the appearance of no thought or effort put forth in making it. The images are to reflect the Rider Waite decks, however there is no emotion in these cards at all for me. A unicorn or two seems to have been thrown into each card for the sake of having a unicorn on them. The Lovers card and The Sun card has the couple shown in what for me is an uncalled for position. Those cards alone, even if I loved this deck and wanted to use them I would not as I would not want children to possibly view them. There is no reason to have naked lovers together on The Sun card or to be shown in the position they are in on The Lovers Card.

Background colors are used for the different suits which in this deck are, cups, swords, rods and pentacles. The star on all of the pentacles is an eight pointed one, not five. Key symbolism seems to have been removed from this deck along with trying to do away with any religious connotations. The hardest card to understand would be the Five of Pentacles which shows a woman painting a unicorn.

The fact that all the unicorns are drawn almost identical on every card is not even attractive to a unicorn collector like myself. The nicest, most attractive card of the deck is the Ace of Cups. The three unicorns actually look like unicorns instead of horses. The tower was unique as well, with the unicorn as the tower. The back of the cards are more attractive then the cards themselves. It is a shame that this deck lacks so much in imagery and tarot meaning.

Unfortunately this deck will get put to the side, unused and untouched by me. I will not even be drawn to pull it out to admire the cards at all. I do not recommend this deck at all, and its not for anyone that wants to see detail and imagery in their decks. Since the unicorns do not vary all that much and look more like horses I can’t even say a lover of unicorns would enjoy this one.

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