A Deck Review: The Mystic Dreamer Tarot

The Mystic Dreamer Tarot
Deck and Book Set
By Heidi Darras and Barbara Moore

How this deck ended up as one for my collection is one of the reasons I chose to do a review on it. The only place near me to get decks is Barnes & Noble and the choices are small. I was out and got a feeling to go there even though the week before I knew they had nothing new. Learning to listen to that voice for my own guidance I decided to go.

Yes I was grumbling about what a waste of time that was with all I had to do that day. Lo and behold there was a deck that caught my eye I had never seen before. I was drawn right to it and because they are kept sealed with no sample opened, I had to go home to look it up before buying it. Even though I just knew I would end up going back to get it, which I did. Looking it up online I not only fell in love with it but found out they had just been released for sale.

This is a deck and book combination which is done by Heidi Darras and the text by Barbara Moore. The box it all comes in is a pale pink marble look, the border of the cards however are not pink but instead a light tan. The imagery on the cards goes hand in hand with the title Dreamer as all the cards have a dream look to them. At first glance, you may think that they are going to be dreary and dull with the lack of color. When you actually look at them however, they do have color, it’s just been done lightly and subtly. The cards are not vibrant in color which is what gives them their dream look. The majority of the cards have females on them, including The Devil card. Most of the cards have either the sun or the moon visible in the sky. Three cards even have a face, which is female, in the moon or sun. Those cards being The Lovers, The Moon, and The Sun cards.

The Death card is sexless, as death is cloaked all in black with the face covered as well. Death is sitting on a pile of skulls. What I found most interesting with this particular card is the fact that in the background sitting, is a young female child who appears no older then probably five years of age. In the skies above is a female floating and both the child and woman are dressed in white. The Death card is about endings as we well know. Having the child in the background for me is a reminder that no matter what age we are, endings and changes happens to all of us and the young are not immune to it.

The book that is included is titled The Dreamer’s Journal and is by Barbara Moore. The border of the book matches the border on the box. It has 240 pages and covers not just a write up for each card. It covers tarot basics, how and why to keep a journal and it has over two dozen spreads as well. The explanations of the cards does the reverse as well as upright positions. At the bottom of each cards meaning there is a section called Use your intuition. There are two or three questions to ponder that are asked here about the imagery that is shown in each card. Since there is so many details in every card that is hidden and unhidden this helps point things out that may not have been noticed at first glance. It also gives more to contemplate about the cards which is great for those that have experience and also the novice.

Was there anything that was disappointing for me with this deck? Yes, there was the overall way the cards were made. Seems to have been made cheap, because they lack that laminated feel and seem to be more papery. This set also comes with a tarot bag which is a sheer black bag. The bag being black I am not at all happy with. Black symbolizes evil and so does the tarot for so many. For that reason I avoid that color whenever possible when it comes to my readings. The color of the box and book are pink and the border of the cards being tan the bag should of been one of those colors. The fact that I am a fanatic about coordination plays a very big part in that minor unimportant, irrelevant detail.

This is a very well done set and is great for the novice as well as the pro. You are able to see what the Raider Waite decks have in a more modernized way and with added differences as well. The book is also done so that a first timer would be able to purchase this set and learn enough to start doing readings. This has now become my favorite deck of the ones I have. I have not yet used them for readings. As much as I want to I also do not want to have them worn out and used. I am torn between having them for my collection or actually using them. I may just have to go buy another set so I can do both.

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