A Deck Review: Jane Austen

Tarot of Jane Austen
By Diane Wilkes & Lola Airaghi

I decided to do a review on this deck without owning it because of several reasons. Diane Wilkes was my tarot teacher when it was in the process of being published. I also had a paid reading from her with this deck, prior to its release.

This deck is without a doubt for the Jane Austen lover and fan. If you do not know the works done by Jane Austen you will not be able to use it or at least use it easily. Each card has scenes taken from stories written by Jane Austen. During the reading that I had with Diane using this deck, time had to be taken to explain what the scenes were that was depicted on the cards. Some clients could feel that the paid time is being wasted going into the details of the stories. Without the explanations, the cards and the reading would of made no sense at all. The reading worked out fine with lots of connections, including the fact that most of the cards I had pulled pertained to one specific story.

The scenes are drawn with a cartoon look, which is not usually appealing to me. The way that these have been done however draws you into the scene. The suits have been changed to Candlesticks (Wands), Teacups (Cups), Quills (Swords) and Coins (Pentacles). All 78 cards have the name in six different languages at the top and bottom of the cards. They are written two on each upper corner, and one on each lower corner. One of the surprises in this deck is The Fool being a female. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which character or story she is from as I do not know Jane Austen.

The design on the back of the deck goes well with cards. It is plain and not overdone with a Victorian look. This goes great as a blend with the Victorian scenes depicted on the cards.

Not knowing any of Jane Austen’s work this deck is one that I will not purchase. It would not be used or even appreciated for its artwork, as my knowledge on the depictions is nil. The reading I had with it, and the classes I took with Diane Wilkes however is appreciated and was what led me to where I am today.

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