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“Your amazing, even when you say things i dont like to hear, thank you!” – Rose

Hello and welcome to Tarot By Misha. I am a Certified Tarot Instructor having received my certification from the Tarot Certification Board of America.

I hosted my own radio show, Tarot By Misha, for 2 years. You can hear some of my shows by visiting me radio show page.
For over 2 years I hosted the internet tv show “It’s In The Cards”

I enjoy doing readings at the Hatboro Carnival where I drastically reduce my fees and also donate a % of that to Hatboro. I love seeing my regulars as well as all the new people that come year to year.

I am available for parties, events and fundraisers. I have been doing readings online by chat, email and phone as well as my in person readings.

************************I now have an office in Hatboro!!!!……By appointment only….Purchase a reading and we will arrange a time for both of us to meet.

I always personalize each reading, whether it be for one question or a general reading. It’s very important for me to have a code of ethics by which I strictly adhere to for performing my readings, and I ask that you read them to fully understand exactly what you can expect from your reading.

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“You truely have a gift. I am glad that you are honest and give me both the positive and negative.” – Denise


  • You have the right to my full attention during your reading.
  • Your reading is private and confidential, however, if you are involved in anything illegal I am obligated to report it the authorities and will do so.
  • You have the right to ask questions and understand your reading.
  • You will NEVER be told additional services such as spell work are needed.
  • You will NOT be told what you want to hear. I do not sugarcoat my readings.
  • We all have freewill and nothing is etched in stone. If you do not like how your path is going, you and only you can change it.
  • How you interpret your reading and the information told to you is your own choice.
  • I have the right to and will refuse service to anyone whose energies I feel unconnected to for whatever reason. This will be known shortly into the reading and the money paid will be refunded.
  • I have the right to reword your question in a way that is appropriate for a reading.
  • I will not tell you what to do in any situation. Only you can decide which choice to make and what to do.
  • I do not give medical, financial or legal advice. Issues of this nature need to be answered by a professional in that field. If you need advice in any of those areas, I will advise you as such.

Since we all have free will, you have the free will to believe what you want; however, the law requires me to state that this is for entertainment purposes only.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you will contact me for your reading soon.

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Phone: 215-346-6875

Email: tarotbymisha@aol.com


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